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[MOL] lawsuits...

I'm surprised at these awards, given the limits of mammograms. Even
after I was diagnosed, my cancer was not visible on mammogram...love,


How Good Can Mammograms Be? Suits Seek to Set a Standard
    [11/02/99; New York Times (Free Registration Required)]

Recently, a jury in Hawaii awarded $1.32 million to a 57-year-old
woman who said her breast cancer diagnosis had been delayed for
17 months because a radiologist had not found it on a mammogram.
In New York, a 37-year-old woman won a $2.5 million malpractice suit
against a radiologist who she said had failed to find her breast cancer
on a
mammogram done seven months earlier. In Florida, a jury awarded $3.35
million to a 56-year-old woman who claimed that her breast cancer
diagnosis was delayed for six months because her cancer had been missed
on a mammogram. 

These are just some of a growing number of lawsuits asserting that a
diagnosis of breast cancer was missed because a radiologist failed to
find it
on a mammogram. 

Yet experts in the field say such lawsuits mainly stem from serious
misconceptions about the ability of mammograms to detect cancers and
from an assumption that the radiologists who read mammograms should be
able to see things that may be discernible only in hindsight. 

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