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[MOL] Young breast cancer patients & depression

Hello friends, thought this might be of interest! A big welcome to all
our new friends who have just recently come on board! As Lillian says,
this is a great and loving group, and you're one of us now. Look forward
to getting aquainted...love, Joicy

Young breast cancer patients more likely to suffer depression
    [11/02/99; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK, Nov 01 (Reuters Health) -- For several reasons, including
the ``unexpected psychologic and physical shock'' of being diagnosed
with cancer at a young age, younger women who are diagnosed with
breast cancer are more likely to show signs of depression than
their older counterparts, according to a report in the November
1st issue of the journal Cancer. In the study, which looked at
304 women who were recently treated for breast cancer, 32% of
women aged 50 or younger were depressed compared with 20% of
women older than age 50. ``Because cancer is most often associated
with aging, a diagnosis of breast cancer in a premenopausal woman
can be an unexpected physical and emotional shock to the patient,''
lead researcher Dr. Lari B. Wenzel of the University of California,
Irvine, explains in a press release.``Younger women, especially
those receiving chemotherapy, may have fewer coping strategies
and resources necessary to manage a prolonged life-threatening
illness,'' Wenzel added.

The full article can be found at:

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