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Communicating effectively with your health care team is crucial in being
informed about the diagnosis of your disease.  Don't be afraid to ask
questions or get a second opinion.  You may want to bring a friend, a
caregiver, a relative with you to help you remember questions and answers
and to make notes.  Or, you could bring a tape recorder with you during
these consultations and sessions with your doctor.

It is also important to get your healthcare team to treat you as a whole
person, not just cells inside a body.  Let the team know about what you do
for a living, your family situation, your future goals or plans.  Be sure to
discuss what impact treatments may have on your life.

There are many specific questions about certain diseases; however, below are
listed suggestions for general questions you should ask at the time of your
diagnosis and follow-up sessions, and questions about continuing care.



What is my diagnosis?  What is the stage of the disease?  Is it localized?
Is it extended around an organ?  Has it spread?  Is my condition genetic?
Is the diagnosis uncertain?  What should I tell my family and children?
Where can I go for counseling?



What are my treatment choices, which do you recommend for me and why?

How, where, when and how often will treatment be given?

What are my treatment choices, which do you recommend for me and why?

How, where, when and how often will treatment be given?

What is the goal of treatment-cure or control of my symptoms?

Is the treatment experimental, controversial or risky?

What are all of the possible side effects?

Are there safe and effective treatments to control these side effects?

How much time may I take to weigh my treatment options without harming my
chances for recovery?

What happens if I skip one or more treatment sessions due to side effects or
scheduling problems?

How will I know if the treatment is working?

How long will treatment last?

What are the names of the drugs I will take?

May I drink alcoholic beverages?

Are there any special foods I should or should not eat?

Will I have to change my normal activities?

Will I be able to have children after treatment?

Are there options to preserve my fertility prior to treatment?

What are some signs of infection that may occur during treatment?

Would this treatment aggravate or intensify any medical condition I already

Will there be interactions with other medications I am taking?

Does my age influence the side effects?

Since my mouth may be affected by treatment, should I see a dentist before
starting treatment?

Will the treatment affect me emotionally or sexually?

What will happen if I decide to do nothing?

Are there other options offered elsewhere?

When treatments are completed, how often would I need to see you?

Will other therapies be needed?

Will the disease or treatment affect my ability to work or care for my

Will my insurance or managed care plan cover all of the costs of treatment?


Warmly, lillian

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