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Re: [MOL] Stereotactic Radiosurgery/June

Dear Dusti,
My husband went to the Dr. yesterday and we left there with high hopes. We 
met with Dr. Ravi S Chari he is new to this center previously he was at 
Toronto he is a liver specialist. The tumor is resectable and the plan is 
that within the next two weeks he will have surgery followed by chemo. We 
have a pre op appt. next Monday.
We spoke about the pump that delivers chemo directly to the liver and the 
same time he would also be geting regular chemo pt -11 . This is not 
conclusive unfortunatly their is no medical data supporting this treatment it 
only makes sense in my head that more chemo is better....I don't know. we are 
still debating if we should go to the dana Farber Insttitue  for a second 
opinion. We will talk more about it today. Please continue to pray for us . 
Love Luiza 
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