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[MOL] Lillian your question about me......

            You have asked me a couple of times to tell how I've been. I've 
been pretty busy with the new pups and getting time to myself has been hard. 
They are almost 3 weeks now, and all 4 are cute as a button. I finished up 
all my schooling for Correction's, and took the state exam and did great. I 
still want to see about taking 7 more classes and getting my AS degree in 
Criminal Technology.  I had over extended myself when I was writing "Taking 
the C  out of Cancer, and coming up with Ancers." I had so many families 
write to me and tell me their stories and help me in writing this book. I had 
four Doctors that took their time in reading these stories and seeing the 
family side, and then giving me some good information on the Doctoring side. 
I have so much information on Cancer that I could write 3 books. What I lost 
was my backing on getting the book in its final stages to be published. I 
needed to go back to work and come up with the money to finish the book, and 
find a publisher that will accept it. Then I had two of my friends that were 
reading the book and correcting it for me decide that they didn't want the 
money from the book to go to Ancers. This was why I started the book in the 
first place. After seeing my dad having a hard time coming up with medical 
needs, I finally had a way of helping others get supplies that they needed, 
and if the book did great there was money for those who wanted to go for 
treatment and take their family with them. This was what broke my family, for 
dad was covered but not Mom. A plane flight, weeks in a hotel, and other 
things that Mom needed to be with dad really did take its toll. I said the 
book would help a lot, but others weren't so sure. It wasn't fair to those 
who put so much of themselves in this book to keep getting me more stories, 
so I wrote and told them that I needed to start working and saving, and that 
I needed to put the book aside till I could do this. One day God will bless 
me and see the good of what I want, and I will find the way to finish this 
book and pay to have it published. For now it's still working and keeping the 
faith and having good health. I stay on Mol and try to find good material for 
those who want it, for I know that you all will always be here for me when I 
need it.  Now it's time to get ready for tomorrow so I need to sign off. 
Thanks for asking and showing that you care. LOL Gwen
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