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[MOL] Committee Approves Cancer Treatment

Committee Approves Cancer Treatment
    [11/01/99; Associated Press]

WASHINGTON (AP) - Women now eligible for a government program that
free mammograms and pap smears also could get help paying for cancer 
treatment under legislation approved by a House committee Thursday.
detection is wonderful, but it has to be accompanied by medical
treatment,'' said Rep. Karen McCarthy, D-Mo., a supporter of
the bill. Nearly 800,000 women nationwide have received free mammograms
to screen for breast cancer and free pap smears to screen for
cervical cancer under a program created by Congress in 1990 to
help those who lack private health insurance. But thousands who
have discovered through the program that they have cancer have
no insurance to help pay for treatment. Either their incomes
are too high or they are too young to qualify for Medicaid or
Medicare, the government health insurance programs for the poor
and elderly.  Legislation passed by Thursday by a voice vote in
the House Commerce Committee would allow states to make these
women eligible for Medicaid. The cancer treatment, which would
cost the federal government $315 million over five years, has
a good chance of getting final approval from Congress this fall.
More than half the Senate's 100 members have cosponsored a similar

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