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[MOL] for women at high risk of breast cancer

Centers offer guidance for women at high risk of breast cancer
    [11/01/99; Cable News Network]

(WebMD)  -- As a teenager, Donna Hatfield watched first her grandmother
and then her mother battle breast cancer. When she hit her 30s
and her twice-yearly mammograms revealed a number of suspicious
lumps, the Kansas woman suspected she, too, carried the family
curse. But until recently, there really wasn't much she could
do other than worry and wait. 

Then, last year, Hatfield discovered the Breast Cancer Prevention
Program at the University of Kansas Cancer Center in Kansas City,
Kansas, located 20 minutes from her home. There, the 44-year-old
telephone company manager was able to sit down with a team of
breast cancer experts who could review her personal and family
health history and explain her options. Through the program,
she also underwent genetic testing to see if she had a mutation
that would make her especially vulnerable to breast cancer. 

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