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[MOL] Book on Cancer Clinical Trials

Dear friends, For those consider trials, this book looks like it could
very helpful. Thinking of you all, and keeping you in prayers, Love,

"Cancer Clinical Trials: Experimental Treatments & 
        How They Can Help You," by Robert Finn

"Cancer Clinical Trials" teaches people with cancer, and their
families, how to find and evaluate clinical trials and how to
decide whether to participate in them. Participation in clinical
trials offers the individual patient access to new and promising
treatments and an enhanced level of medical care. The book includes:

- How to use the Internet and resources to find clinical trials;
- Reasons to decide in favor of or against a trial;
- Structure, administration and ethical guidelines of clinical trials;
- Who is included and excluded from joining a trial;
- How to read the informed consent document & trial protocol (a
  lengthy, technical document that contains the scientific details
  of the clinical trial);
- Interviews with researchers and patients;
- A script of hard questions to ask yourself and your doctor.
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