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RE: [MOL] Yippppeeeeeee!- Lil

Great Lil:  I don't have my dates yet but they should be in November.
Love June

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> Subject:	[MOL] Yippppeeeeeee!
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> My husband goes to Statin Island Univ. Hos. for SR Nov. 8, 1999. 
> Finally, what took us nine weeks here in the South has taken two
> hour's up at Statin Island.  I am so relieved he will be starting
> treatments.  If any MOLER happens to be going through treatment about
> that time, please let me know. Your friend and
> Warmly, lillian 
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> Album.                                                
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>   ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much
> more....
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