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Re: [MOL] ovarian cancer

I regret that you did not mention the type cell the ovarian cancer is, nor the stage of the cancer.  This information is important as to treatment and outcome.  Please know that all ovarian cancer patients are able to go into trial.  Also that perhaps your sisters friend needs to be getting a second opinion as to treatment and I hope that she is at a full service cancer treatment center.  I have included what I could get that may be beneficial to you.  Should you need further help, please just ask. Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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From: krystyna szul
Sent: Saturday, October 30, 1999 4:52 PM
Subject: [MOL] ovarian cancer

My sister's closest friend has been fighting ovarian cancer for now two years.
She has gone through taxol and carboplatin and it looks like she might be back
to square one. Can anyone help?  Does anyone have any suggestions?