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Re: [MOL] hemangiopericytoma

I have non small cell lung cancer diagnosed in January, 1998.  Went thru 
several rounds of chemo including Carboplatin w/ Etoposide and Taxol.  This 
did not help, then in September, 1998, my Dr. gave me cycles of Taxotere w/ 
Gemzar the first week, then Gemzar the second week and the third week and the 
fourth week nothing; then the cycle started again.  I did about seven or 
eight cycles; my tumor has decreased very significantly and I feel great.  I 
was diagnosed as Stage IV, inoperable with 24 months to live at best.  I can 
tell you that I am not cancer free,but I am feeling very good and believe the 
Taxotere/Gemzar regimen was very helpful.
I hope this info helps.  Take care, Wanda
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