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Re: [MOL] Stereotactic Radiosurgery/June

Dear Liilian,
Thank you for your response it is true Kenny and I both thought we had beat 
this,we were terribly disappointed when we got the news. Oct of last year 
Kenny had surgery in his upper intestine and the cancerous portion was 
removed the lymphnodes were involved a large amount I wish I had written 
everything down but I didn't. He then was treated with an experimental chemo 
pills 5fu and something else. He did great we thought, no problems with side 
effects. Then at the one year check they found the lesion on the liver ultra 
sound ,Monday we go to the Umass Medical center in Worcester Ma to speak with 
a specialist. We are not far from Boston and we are considering trying to go 
to one of the Cancer centers if we don't feel comfortable with what they say 
in Worcester. Any Advice? Love Luiza     
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