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[MOL] Fwd: Request for Help

Marty I am sorry for some reason the address to which I am sending this and 
my address do not appear. My address is mapasale@aol.com

---- Begin included message ----
Dear Marty,
     It is my hope and prayer that Barb continues to progress at BioPulse. My 
name is not familiar to you because I have mainly only read MOL mail. 
Rarely have I interacted by sending. Of special interest have been your past 
frequent insights and info concerning cancer and I do miss them.
     I am fully aware of how busy you are caring for your precious Barbara. 
However, my dear wife Janet has metastatic breast cancer which we have been 
fighting, since October 1997. The treatment has been mainly chemo. She has 
already had high dose chemo/stem cell salvage to no avail. She has had a 
variety of chemos some of which have been helpful and some not. She is now on 
taxotere/herceptin and has been for the past six weeks.  We have also used 
essiac tea, hydrazine sulphate and noni juice at various times. We are 
fighting and shall continue to fight. She is a fine lady who rarely 
complains. She is at least stage three and I believe entering stage four. I 
fear we are losing the battle.She eats and drinks little and sleeps very much 
of the time because of low energy. In general, she is feeling quite badly. It 
is difficult to say just how badly because as I said she rarely complains.
     We are considering leaving chemo for the best alternative care we can 
find. I have read your infrequent mail concerning the progress of Barb at 
BioPulse with much interest. It is my impression that she was also treated in 
Dr. Burzynski's antineoplastin clinic at one time but I do not remember 
reading anything of yours concerning this. If this is true and you can find 
time in your very busy scheduled care of your Barb, please tell me some of 
your experiences in this area. Also, if you have current thoughts and a new 
progress report concerning her and her treatment at BioPulse please include 
them. Should you have any other information which you feel might be of help 
to us, please share it with us.
     With continuing prayers for your Barb and my Janet,
     Pa (Hank Sale)
---- End included message ----