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[MOL] New Bladder Cancer Test Promising for Bladder, Colon and Prostate

  OCTOBER 29, 1999

New Bladder Cancer Test Promising

      An experimental urine test appears to be a promising new way to detect early stages of bladder cancer. It also may apply to techniques in testing for other types of cancers, including colon and prostate.
      The test works by detecting a protein that cancer cells shed in high quantities into urine. Researchers at Cambridge University in England say the test could spare patients the need for risky surgical biopsies.
      Normally, people don't realize they may have bladder cancer until they consult a doctor about blood in their urine. But physicians only catch about one in 20 cases of bladder cancer, even though the tumors at that point may be large, researchers say.
      In the study, researchers studied 36 patients who had blood in their urine. The urine test accurately detected the eight patients whose biopsies later confirmed they had bladder cancer. A ninth patient did show a false-positive, but that patient had an ulcer.
      The study appears in the Oct. 30 issue of The Lancet.

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