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[MOL] Lots of questions...

Hi everyone,

I have just discovered your discussion group today while surfing the 'net
looking for information on chemotherapy.  The wonderful messages I have read
from your archives have inspired me to write this one.

My Mom was diagnosed in June of this year with a stage III tumour in her
colon.  As standard procedure, they also removed the lymph nodes from around
the colon and discovered cancer cells in these as well.  She has gone
through two surgeries and has just finished her second round of chemotherapy
with the primary chemical used being 5FU.

I am posting this message to ask for suggestions on how to deal with the
effects of chemotherapy and radiation (which she begins on November 8th).  I
know everyone reacts differently to treatment and that not everything works
for everyone.  I am hoping however that someone with more experience than I
have at this has some suggestions for the nausea, mouth pain/sores,
runny/itchy eyes and fatigue.  The doctors and nurses have been very
sympathetic and have provided prescriptions for some of these symptoms but
these only seem to help for short periods of time.  I am not looking for a
miracle but instead for some common-sense advise on how to make my Mom more

Is there anything we can do to prepare for the next round of chemotherapy
(starting November 8th) that may help reduce these symptoms?  What other
symptoms can we expect from radiation therapy?

Thanks in advance for your comments.  I know each of you are dealing with
your own situations but everyone in the group seems so supportive of each
other that I just had to write.

My thoughts are with all of you,
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