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Re: [MOL] Stereotactic Radiosurgery/June

June; So glad things are moving quickly for you, what did they say about the
other spot?  Chuck has just mailed in all his records and is ready for them
to tell him when to come.  He is ready as ever and I am confident that he
will do well.  Did you say they do a pet scan first?  I hope so; as there is
a spot on the lower lobe of the right lung, 10mm, small; but something to be
checked further into.  I am so happy he is going someplace were they don't
wear Mickey Mouse Ears!  They have delayed him and delayed him here (more
than 9 weeks now since DX) and then one doctor refused a scan he did (he is
a surgeon) because he said he needed it for his own files.  I jumped up and
down, did everything I could think of even broke down and cried; but nothing
worked with the Doctor.  The stress and their mistakes have been horrendous
and taken a huge toll on me.  I will let you know if I head that way; just
not sure at this point.  love you and
Warmly, lillian

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