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[MOL] Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Argila, June wrote:

> I went yesterday for my body cast, planning CT Scan and doctor visit.
> They will get back to me in about a week to set up the 5 treatments.

The news about your treatments has been helpful to us.
Is your new treatment for a reoccurrence of the previous tumor
or is this a new site?

My wife, Eunice, was accepted yesterday for stereotactic radiosurgery
at Staten Island University Hospital. They will treat two lung tumors 
and a liver met in three sessions.  No scheduling has been done yet.
We live in NM so it there will be a lot of long trips for us but we
don't have many options. CT scans show one lung tumor growing in her
left lower lobe (upper lobe resected in 93) and another 4-cm one 
suddenly appearing in her right lung during her last treatments with 
Taxotere, however, her CEA dropped from 16 to 10 during those
treatments. Her tumors have been very slow growing until now so that 
is very mysterious.

For members of the Mol group following anti-angeogenisis, there is
interesting news on newly discovered protiens, aaAT and METH-1
& METH-2 at

Regards .....  Al Larson

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