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[MOL] I have Angio Sarcoma


I am at home recovering from open heart surgery and have been diagnosed with 
angio sarcoma which formed in my right atrium.  The sarcoma was about 10cm in 
diameter and the surgeon only removed 90% of the cancerous tissue to allow my 
heart to function normally.  I just got out of the hospital and had the 
operation on the 20th of October.  As to your suprise I'm only 25 and would 
like to know more statistical info about my chances of recovery and mortality 
in this rare case.  Can you direct me to other sites that would help me?   I 
have doctors currently in a frenzy to battle it's aggresive nature and I just 
want answers to simple questions in easy to understand lamens terms about my 
life expectancy.  


Jim Welch

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