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[MOL] rules to protect privacy of medical

Administration to propose rules to protect privacy of medical
    [10/28/99; Cable News Network]

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Clinton administration soon will propose
broad new rules designed to protect the privacy of medical records,
acting through executive power to address an issue on which Congress
has been unable to reach a consensus. 

Administration officials said the new regulations will be released
in the next week or so. In them, the administration plans to:

- Make it tougher for insurance companies to share data for reasons
  unrelated to medical treatment or to justify payment of claims.
- Require insurers to inform consumers about their policies concerning
  access to medical records. 
- Require HMOs and other health plans to get patients' permission
  to share any personal or medical information for marketing or
  most medical research. 
- Forbid the release of entire medical records when only a portion
  of the information is required to answer a legitimate query.

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