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[MOL] Promising Therapy for Chronic Pain

I think there are a number of us who will be glad when this one comes
through...love, Joicy

Promising Therapy for Chronic Pain
    [10/28/99; Your Health Daily]

Molecular neurosurgery, a new approach for treating chronic
pain, is showing considerable promise in early-stage experiments
with animals, pain specialists reported Wednesday. The novel
method involves delivery of a toxic compound directly to those
nerve cells that transmit pain messages up the spinal cord to
the brain. Researchers outlined the latest results Wednesday
at the Society for Neuroscience's annual meeting in Miami. They
said limited trials in humans could begin in about two years.
If the therapy works, sufferers of hard-to-treat chronic pain,
as well as severe pain from cancer and other terminal conditions,
would get another alternative to standard neurosurgery or pain-deadening
drugs, both of which can be effective but also carry risks and
side effects. The new technique offers permanent relief through
a one-time injection into the fluid-filled space surrounding
the spinal cord. 

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