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Re: Re[2]: [MOL] Normality

Hi Brandi,

I have just realized that I have been sending my e-mails to myself.  I have 
been responding but just talking to myself.  I hope this reaches you.

Feeling better's Cory?

I was never informed as to what subtype I was, but I had the same exact 
treatments as Cory is getting, same medicines, except he has had a couple 
more rounds of ARA-C than I had, but if my doctor had said more, then that's 
what I would have done.  Maybe my treatments were stronger, I don't know.  
Every visit to the doctor's office, which was every day, I had to sign my 
name and walk in a straight line one foot in front of the other, to see if 
the ARA-C was effecting my brain.  Has Cory thought about freezing his bone 
marrow now that he is in remission?  That's what I did.  My bone marrow is 
frozen at UCSD in San Diego for 10 years. Now if I get the call to get on 
that infamous cancer coaster ride again, I'll have a ticket to get off.

My boyfriend told me to tell you how wonderful he was to me while I was down 
and he is so right.  He never left my side, he would ask the doctor the tough 
questions that I didn't have the strength to, it's so important to have two 
brains there because towards the end of my treatments I couldn't remember 
anything, it felt terrible.  Every time I would write something on my brain 
blackboard, it was erased immediately.  I hated it!  I don't know if this is 
an after effect of chemo, but it took about 1 1/2 years to get back to normal.

Yes, you will get back to the way you were and sooner than you think.  As 
soon as my last stay (about 40 days) was over, I was 
back to work, I couldn't remember why I was there because I had no brain, but 
I was there.  Back to aerobics in 2 more months, and now Katie bar the door.  
I'm as strong as I ever was.  Mountain biking is my favorite sport.  You 
would never guess that I had leukemia from looking at me.  My blood work is 

Hang on...your almost through,  Donna
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