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[MOL] Asking PDT (photodynamic intrapleural therapy)

Dear Mollers,
 Hi all,
    I'm Francisco, from Spain. I 'm here again asking you some things trying to help the mother of my friend Yolanda. (dx lung adenocarcinoma IIIB ? Jun 98) The people of University of Pennsylvania are told my friend that PDT photodynamic intrapleural therapy, may could help her and I'm asking you if there is someone there that know anything about this treatment, if someone has received this treatment and could give us some information. Please, I know that some of you could acces the lung cancer list, please, I'd thank you a lot if someone could forward this message to that list and Also I'd thank you if you could reply me to my email address.
Thank you and God Bless you all,
Best wishes
Francisco José Millán Benayas       
Tlf: 34-913 86 38 38  Fax: 34-913 73 26 46
e-mail: francisco.millan@datatronics.es