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[MOL] Make Every Customer Contact Count!

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ShoppingMagic specializes in helping Internet business owners 
capitalize on revenue enhancement programs with every instance of 
customer contact.  Our current affiliate program, the "Discount 
Buying Service", appeals to the end consumer when they're most apt 
to make a purchasing deceision - WHEN THEY'RE ALREADY BUYING!!!

Our unique affiliate program utilizes a variety of marketing 
techniques designed to present your clients with value-added 
products and services which appeal to their everyday interests, 
needs, and desires - all while providing you with a source of 
additional, RISK-FREE income!

This year, ShoppingMagic affiliates will make hundreds of 
thousands of presentations to e-commerce consumers and web site 
visitors.  When they do, they'll be maximizing their returns on 
investment in customer contact, acquisition, and service. They'll 
also be locking in opportunities for future sales to these 
consumers - at NO COST TO THEM WHATSOEVER!  This affiliate program 
is the perfect way to get more marketing for your Internet 
business, and spend far less doing it.

Curious?  You can get all the details, and join the Affiliate 
Program at 

We look forward to helping you make every contact count.


Dave Daoust, 
International Marketing Director
Shopping Magic Discount Buying Service, Inc.
(A division of GeoVision International)
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