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Re: Re[2]: [MOL] Normality

Hi Kathy Q,

    I'm wondering this morning..about how come there are times when there are 
no words to express deep-down feelings.  I feel so frustrated sometimes..just 
reaching into thin air...I have feelings and I reach out to touch a word that 
discribes, not that word, no not that word.  I'm so sorry for what's 
going on.  If I could take his place I would.  I'll have him in my prayers.

    No, I did not have chemo through a Lumbar puncture.  I would guess that 
his cancer is in more than one area of his body.  Maybe, because the brain is 
involved, this is the way to get at it.  What Brandi said sounds right to me 

    Where in California do you live?  I am in San Diego, are we close?

    Yes, the cancer coaster ride is the wildest ride in town.  You just hang 
on and keep you feet on the floor and don't let it hurl you out.  Even after 
three years of remission, my fingers are still tight around the bar, in case 
we go around another turn.

    Please keep us posted, I think about him all the time.

Love and prayers,  Donna
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