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Re: Re[2]: [MOL] Normality

Hi Brandi,

Thanks for letting me know about Cory's treatment.  I am really happy to hear 
how well it's been going.  And don't worry... You will have lots of dinners 
out ahead of you!  I sure do understand though, your wish for things to 
return to "normal".  They will.  We both know they will!!!  

So far I haven't talked to anyone who's had exactly what Tommy's had.  

Part of the roller coaster has been caused by a lung infection last week.  At 
the worst point his white blood cell count dropped to .3 and they called in 
Hospice to talk to his wife this past Friday.  Plus his blood sugar level 
inexplicably shot up to 280.  Lots of other stuff going on at the same time 
too.  It was agony for me since I was on a business trip in Boston and knew 
there were some problems but didn't find out how bad it was until I got back 
on Tuesday.  I knew he had a lung infection, and that they were thinking 
about moving him to ICU again, but didn't realize how close to the edge he'd 

As of yesterday, his blood sugar was down to 170 and his white blood cell 
count up to 4.6.  We were able to take him outside for the first time in 3 
weeks yesterday!  

Like you say, it is such a roller coaster.  He had a bone marrow biopsy 
yesterday and will receive the final lumbar puncture (in this series of 
treatments) on Saturday.  They will also be doing a biopsy of his spinal 
fluid at that time to see if they've gotten all the cancer there.  If his 
white cell count holds up and his blood sugar stablizes they're going to let 
him go home next week for about 3 weeks until he starts the next round.  
During that time he'll have several visits to the doc and a trip to Stanford 
to begin the process for his Bone Marrow Transplant operation.

I wasn't going to do the update just yet, because we hadn't gotten all the 
results back from the test, but I'll send another note when we know if he's 
really in remission.  And, if there's anyone out there who has received 
treatment the same as Tommy's, it would be great to hear from you.

Warmly, Kathy Q
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