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[MOL] Warning from Lil

Can attest this is true. Nice for genealogist though. James, my husband
says you used to get peoples names and addresses and e-mail and
telephone easily, then it got hard, now it is easier again. Jeanne

> Lillian wrote:
> Dear Friends:  On several occasions I have brought this up in order to
> aide you while you chat on the cyber highway.
> 1.  Please make sure you do not put your home address and personal
> information over the forum.  It is the same as putting your telephone
> number on the walls of men's rooms.  Ok., I heard that comment!!!  You
> can always private e-mail someone you want to give personally
> information to.
> 2.  Please, if you do not want a stranger to know what you are
> thinking or what you are doing, don't e-mail it through the forum.
> Send them a private e-mail.
> 3.  Remember that our forum e-mail not only goes into the MOL
> archives; but also browsers are getting so powerful, that they pick up
> our e-mail and put them up too!!!!!  So anyone can type in a topic, or
> name and bingo they not only have your name, they have many other
> name's if your e-mail has been forwarded to you or by you.
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