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[MOL] Be Careful What You Say!

Dear Friends:  On several occasions I have brought this up in order to aide you while you chat on the cyber highway.
1.  Please make sure you do not put your home address and personal information over the forum.  It is the same as putting your telephone number on the walls of men's rooms.  Ok., I heard that comment!!!  You can always private e-mail someone you want to give personally information to.
2.  Please, if you do not want a stranger to know what you are thinking or what you are doing, don't e-mail it through the forum.  Send them a private e-mail.
3.  Remember that our forum e-mail not only goes into the MOL archives; but also browsers are getting so powerful, that they pick up our e-mail and put them up too!!!!!  So anyone can type in a topic, or name and bingo they not only have your name, they have many other name's if your e-mail has been forwarded to you or by you.