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Re: [MOL] Diane BTY !

Diane:  In regards to your chemo questions....yes, most people do loose
their hair;  not everyone gets sick when they have chemo.  Much depends on
the person, the type chemo and the strength of the chemo.  I have much
information to help you with all that. Also all your buddies here on MOL
will have some excellent advice for you.   I would suggest  that you get a
relaxation tape to listen too.  Everyone is nervous about getting chemo,
infact people are more afraid of the chemo than of surgery.  One friend puts
it this way....she love's chemo, she thinks of it as pac man gobbling up
cancer cells.  I think you were wise and brave to change doctors.  Glad your
getting more testing and will keep you in my prayers that they come out just
fine.  Better to be safe than sorry; so do keep us posted on your progress.
I was disappointed to hear that they are not compassionate at work.  Your
friend, lillian

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