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Re: [MOL] Normality

Hi Brandi,

    I feel your pain...getting "back to life again" is certainly a privilege 
unknown to so many fortunate few.

    I used to look out my hospital window and just yearn to feel the sunshine 
on my shoulders.  I'd look out and see the nurses leaving and as soon as the 
sunshine would reach them, I felt envious.

    Don't worry...give Cory an extra hug and before you know it the sunshine 
will be on your shoulders.

    I read the mail from Red-Eye and I was also going to answer, but I 
noticed that his sister has Acute Myelocytic Leukemia..this is unlike Cory's 
and mine which is Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  I have been searching all the 
web sites, but I can't come up with the exact difference between ours and 
hers or if there is one.

    My experience with leukemia is exactly like Cory's.  I have been in 
remission for three years now.  No, mine was a little different, he received 
four rounds of consolidation treatment and I received only two.  I would have 
had more if my doctor had recommended it.

    Smile..he's in remission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Donna
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