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Re: [MOL] Chris, Hi how are you doing????

Hi Nanc,  too late - deleted all the cookies already.  There were hundreds!

I'm not online much either, and can't even find time to read all the mail. 
But I try to at least keep up as much as I can with the people I am already 
familiar with and pick up info here and there in an effort to get to know the 
ones I don't know yet.  Life is really busy here, and for once, it's not 
because of my dad and Virginia.  He is on radiation now and I'm never sure 
what to expect from that; they are going to give him thalidomide too.  He 
told his wife, "They are using me as a guinea pig."  That wouldn't be bad if 
it was a more successful med they were using, but I don't think thalidomide 
has been too much of a success.  He said, "If I have problems with it, I just 
will quit it."

Virginia is doing pretty well now, though she's had some problems with 
itching in her throat (prob allergy) and some chest congestion.  Dr checked 
her heart and said it's fine.  She said, "He kept reminding me of my age (73) 
and telling me that I have to expect more time to heal that when I was young. 
 It's true; I keep reminding her that today 73 isn't old, but every year adds 
greater time to heal.  I told her that at 47 even a bruise takes longer to go 
away than it did when I was 37.  I can't move as fast or as efficiently 
either than I did 10 years ago (of course our Kathy is an exception - she 
will be tooling around this world at top speed at 97!).

Good to talk to you again, Nanc.  I did see that Don is doing well and I 
thank God for that.  I am so very happy to hear that.

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