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[MOL] Can you believe this?

    A Seattle-based employment and labor attorney is warning of the risks
associated with the practice of firing people via e-mail.
    Doug Mooney of Preston Gates and Ellis says that...short of
extraordinary circumstances, such as a company being ordered by the
court to cease operations immediately...there's no need to give notice
of termination, even to a mass group of people, via email. He says
options include calling a company-wide meeting to deliver the news...or
having supervisors gather their employees to discuss terminations within
their own department or division.
    Mooney says firing employees via e-mail is wrong for two sound
reasons - it's not a kind way to treat people...and, as a practical
matter, it can lead to an increase in lawsuits against the company.
    Plus...he says...mass firings also affect the productivity and morale
of those employees who continue working. In his words - "If people feel
they aren't being treated respectfully, it will almost always affect the
business in time."
    But Mooney says using the Internet after a person or persons have
been let go may actually be helpful. He says e-mail can be used to
answer questions about severance and benefit packages, how to sign up
for COBRA or provide other information.
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