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Re: [MOL] Diane and insurance

Hi Olivia,

In the best of all possible worlds a person applying for a job should be able 
to tell their prospective employer about their situation, and I'm not saying 
they shouldn't.  But in this world there are still some employers who will 
find reasons not to hire someone, and health issues are just one of those 

So my advice is that a person should find out as much about what their state 
laws dictate about insurance and if there are restrictions on how an employer 
can let health issues affect the hiring decision.  When I was in HR I was 
most grateful for people who shared their circumstances because then we were 
prepared to coach them through whatever happened.  But I have to say I know 
of employers who do not recognize that a person who has been through what 
cancer patients have been through are the strongest willed people around.  
Committed, clear of purpose and extrordinary contributors.

I'm sorry to say the world isn't perfect, so until it is... protect yourself 
against small minded people who might have influence over your life.  Just my 
humble opinion.

Your friend,  Kathy Q
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