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Re: [MOL] Nanc, Kathy, back to Kathy

I keep hoping that someone will take as good of care for me as I do everyone 
else, but then I am to busy I don't think I would let them.  Hehehehe, right? 
 Come join in on the loving care anytime, I thought that you were coming to 
Michigan with your friend, we are still here.  Can't never tell what the 
groomers would charge, may have to leave you there until you earn your groom. 
Love ya, Nanc ():-)  I am off to bed, it is getting late for this early 
riser.  LOL  I don't think I really like this work thing, but know I need to 
get away once in awhile, and this way I am making money and not spending it, 
except for murrphy's law.  LOL
Don and I got the springs on one side of the garage door, couldn't handle the 
other side tonight, maybe tomorrow, at least I hope.
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