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Re: [MOL] Nancy, back to Jeanne and about sclc too.////

Hi Jeanne, 
Don is also a meat lover, not beef, except hambuger, Pork, bacon, sausage, he 
has to have meat every day, and at least 6 powdered sugar donuts, and oh my 
got watch out if yiu have chol candy in the house, or any candy for that 
mater, oh yes Ice cream too.  He makes muffins, or pineapple upside down cake 
if there are not sweets in the house and eats the whole center of the cake at 
a sitting.  I tried hiding the goodies, but he would go and buy more on 
payday and hide it and eat when I wasn't watching and I think it caused him 
to gain more weight, so I just let him do his thing now, he gets a bit upset 
if he can't eat what he wants to.  LOL  MEN!  Sometimes we can't live without 
them right???  I love him to pieces anyway he is, even mean, he doesn't get 
to mean though.  If he makes me cry he melts and trys to make me happy again. 
 I can be a bit of a bear when I don't feel good either.  Darn!  Did I say 
that.  LOL.  I am really truely happy to have him still with me.  I don't 
know what happened to his cancer but I am thanking God and all the prayers 
that went out for him, I do think that had a lot to do with him still being 
here with us.  Thank you one and all.  I guess I have been thinking about the 
letter about the women that lost her loved one from small cell lung cancer 
and responded to me tonight.  I feel so bad that she had to lose her loved 
one and is so hard to respond to someone like that, but my heart does go out 
to her.  I have to get to bed, have to be up at 5:22 in the morning.
Love you and stay thankful and well, and do whatever it is that works for 
you, I really believe in that,
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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