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RE: [MOL] ^^) Hidden Video Cameras - ON SALE NOW vb -hhkxqqg

I KNOW what goes on while I'm away.  My Yorkshire terrier gets into the
toilet paper.

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Have you ever wanted to secretly see what goes on when you're away. 

Well now you can! And it's so easy and affordable! 

Our micro cameras are:

*Virtually undetectable
*About the size of a quarter
*So small can be hidden just about anywhere
(pager, stuffed animal, baby monitor, smoke detector, plant, etc...)
*Require only a toothpick size pinhole to see through
*Work with any cable ready TV or VCR (no special receiver to buy)
*Wireless transmit up to 300 feet through walls to any cable ready TV or VCR
(1/4 mile unobstructed - with distance chip added )
*Come complete and tested (No kits to build)
*Operate on 9 volt battery or electrical adapter 
*Outstanding Japanese picture quality 
*Use with a T-200 VCR tape for up to 10 hours of recording time
*Half the price of those "spy-stores"
*So simple to use
*Great for monitoring baby's room, cash register, back doors, break rooms,
hallways, time clock, stock rooms, etc. 
*Order just the camera or order it already installed in one of our "hide in
plain sight" covert disguises.

Choose the camera that fits your needs: 

Option One: 
Just plug and go! 
Works with any VCR, TV or Camcorder 

Option Two:
Just place and go!
Transmits up to 300 feet through walls 
(1/4 mile unobstructed with distance chip added)

Option Three:
Just hang and go!

Same as option two but the camera is already hidden in a nifty working wall

7 day trial period* - 90 day warranty* 
Prices from just $179 shipping included!!

Also available:
motion detector cameras
smoke alarm cameras
book cameras
clock radio cameras
emergency light cameras
exit sign cameras
weather proof outdoor cameras
"see anywhere" infa-red cameras
and more

Shurtek Corporation
To request free full color picture e-catalog
24 hours


E-MAIL SPECIAL! -This week only take $50 off any color camera.
You must tell operator promotion number 91031 at time of order to receive

* returned in original condition, less shipping and handling

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