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Re: [MOL] Antineoplastin Therapy

Hi!  If my memory serves me correct Dr. Burzynski is presently working on a trial that is being funded by the NCI on Antineoplastin Therapy.  I am sorry that your child is not doing well and certainly will keep in prayer.  Good luck on your endeavors and I wish we could be of more help.
Warmly, lillian
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Sent: Sunday, October 24, 1999 3:18 PM
Subject: [MOL] Antineoplastin Therapy

To Whom it may Concern,
I have been attempting to access any and/or all data regarding the efficacy of Anitneoplastin Therapy on Pediatric Cancer cases. I continually run across one MOL thread referring to a Dr. Stanislau Burzynski MD, who I know from first hand knowledge, works with this therapy. I you have further current information regarding this therapy, could you please forward this to my attention. 
I must insist that if you reply; your reply should only contain the information I am requesting. I DO NOT want to hear from some paranoid doctor spouting concern over so-called 'unproven' treatments/ Alternative medicine. All the conventional methods have been exhausted and proven completely worthless, whereas I have met people who after having had 'Antineoplastin Therapy' are completely cancer free. Enough agony, pain & expense has been incurred. PLEASE respond with the information I require. 
Thank you!