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Re: [MOL] Diane

Well Diane, now that Deb has a great new job and with an Insurance Company
she might be able to settle the debate on health insurance.  I believe
different Companies have different rules; as here the company that the
County Gov't. uses will accept people; but will not pay for certain
conditions unless the person has not had any drugs, treatments or doctors
visits for the condition in the last 18 months.   Kathy's said otherwise, I
wish more Molers would jump in on this one so we can all get it straight.
Did you happen to find out anything on it?  Sorry your not feeling too well,
do you think perhaps maybe you should go part time for the first few weeks?
It is easy to slide backwards as your surgery is considered major.
Unfortunately we all too often feel pretty good, then take on too much and
slide back and it feels like it takes longer to truly heal, than if we had
just taken it easy a bit longer.  I understand that you more than likely
have concerns considering a new contract pending so soon; etc.  Just
thinking of you.  Take care, your friend, lillian

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