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[MOL] A Dietitian's Cancer Story

I'm not trying to sell this, but it did look very interesting to me, so
I thought I'd pass it on... love, Joicy

A Dietitian's Cancer Story

Diana Dyer, MS, RD, a life-long cancer survivor, wrote 
the book "A Dietitian's Cancer Story" after her third 
cancer diagnosis, having survived neuroblastoma as an 
infant and breast cancers at ages 34 and 45. The book 
gives the details of how the author, a Registered Dietitian, 
has changed her own diet to optimize her chances for 
long-term survival and also covers the various complementary 
medicine therapies she has now incorporated into her lifestyle.  
The book is available for only $10 from Amazon.com via:


or by visiting Diana's own web site at: 


where you'll also find healthy recipes and links to other
helpful Internet web sites.
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