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[MOL] Breast cancer radiation therapy not linked to heart disease

Breast cancer radiation therapy not linked to heart disease
    [10/24/99; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK, Oct 22 (Reuters Health) -- Radiation therapy after mastectomy
does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease in breast
cancer patients, according to Danish researchers reporting in
The Lancet this week. Lead researcher Dr. Inger Hojris of Aarhus
University Hospital, Denmark, told Reuters Health that ``the
most important message from our study is that postmastectomy
irradiation can be given without injury to the heart, if appropriate
treatment techniques are used. ''Hojris and colleagues in the
Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group analyzed data from more
than 3,000 women enrolled in two Danish trials to determine whether
radiation therapy would impact on the development of ischemic
heart disease in women identified as high-risk for breast cancer
recurrence. As to why ischemic heart disease might be a consequence
of radiotherapy, the researchers explain that in patients with
cancer of the left breast, one of the arteries supplying blood
to the heart ``receives a substantial radiation dose because
the artery lies within or near the target (area).

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