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[MOL] Cancer patients' distress untreated

Thought this might be of interest...love, Joicy

Cancer patients' distress untreated
    [10/24/99; United Press International]

NEW YORK, Oct.  21 (UPI) As many as 50 percent of patients diagnosed 
with cancer suffer more serious than normal bouts of distress, yet only 
about 10 percent of these patients get treatment for the condition.
And the situation may be getting more desperate for these patients,
Dr. Jimmie Holland, chairman of the department of psychiatry
and behavioral sciences at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,
New York, said Thursday. "As more treatment goes to the outpatient
setting and doctors times with patients is cut back what gets
short shrift is the psychological side of cancer care," said
Holland, the general chairman of the Pan- American Congress of
Psychosocial and Behavioral Oncology. Holland said that every
person diagnosed with cancer suffers a normal amount of distress,
but she and the 500 practitioners at the conference were concerned
about patients whose distress becomes debilitating, affects quality
of life and even compliance with proven, effective cancer treatment.
She cited studies that found between one-fourth and one-half
of cancer patients suffered serious distress. She called for
hospitals and practitioners to be on the alert for signs of distress,
and advocated use of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers
and clergymen to help ease the burden of patients battling
illness and numerous other factors that can affect the ultimate

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