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[MOL] Cancer Patients Hear The Darnedest Things...

Thought this was fascinating! thinking of you all...love, Joicy

Cancer Patients Hear The Darnedest Things
    [10/24/99; Chicago Tribune]

Lots of folks are swapping well-intended, ill-spoken comments
in the "Stupidest Thing That Someone Ever Said to Me About My
Cancer" contest, running this October for National Breast Cancer
Awareness Month. The contest is sponsored by the four co-authors
of "Speak the Language of Healing: Living With Breast Cancer
Without Going to War" (Conari Press, $14.95). Comments like,
"You look great so thin, if you get cured it will have almost
been worth it," or, "It's just a breast," are pouring in as cancer
patients share their stories. 

"Nobody knows how to have cancer," said co-author Susan Kuner,
an education professor at Vanderbilt University. "We are running
this contest to help people diagnosed with cancer and the people
who care about them find a new vocabulary and imagery to more
accurately describe their experiences." Co-author and contest
sponsor Carol Matzkin Orsborn, a Glencoe native, thinks this
contest will help get people talking about cancer, a subject
that was taboo for many years. "My father was a physician in
the Hyde Park area," she said. "I remember growing up, sitting
in his office and overhearing his conversations with cancer patients.
Back then, nobody even called cancer by its name. They called
it `the c-word.' " Folks of all ages and stages from Chicago
and all over the country are sending in entries for the contest.
The winner will receive an autographed copy of "Speak the Language
of Healing," a pair of fuzzy earmuffs as a symbolic buffer against
thoughtless words, and a custom-designed brooch. The winning
entry will be posted on the authors' Web page. If you have a
stupid cancer comment to share, visit the contest's Web site
at www.speakhealing.com. Or mail it to "Stupidest Things," 1424
Hillside Ave., Nashville, TN 37203. Entries must be postmarked
by Monday and will be judged by the authors. 

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