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[MOL] 94 Percent of Studies Now Show Soy Anti-Cancer Effects

94 Percent of Studies Now Show Soy Anti-Cancer Effects,Survey Finds; Figure 
is Sharp Jump From Previous 65 Percent

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Some 94 percent of recent experimental 
studies on soy properties show that a soy diet offers "protective, anti- 
carcinogenic effects," a leading researcher has reported to the American 
Institute for Cancer Research. 

The figure is a sharp increase from a survey of earlier studies evaluating 
the health effects of soy, when only 65 percent of the experimental research 
showed such positive results. 

"The percentage jumps dramatically to 94 percent when only recent studies are 
included," the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported, "studies 
which were more specifically designed to examine soy's effects." 

The researcher, Dr. Diane Birt of Iowa State University, reported on the 
status of experimental soy studies at a recent conference of the American 
Institute for Cancer Research. 

She said there are "challenges ahead," including the need to categorize 
soybean properties, determine interaction between soy and genetic components, 
and assess differences in gender response to soy products. 

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute noted that researchers are 
awaiting the results of a study at the University of Southern California 
involving 2,400 people of Asian descent living in the Los Angeles area. 

Preliminary results of the study, focusing on Chinese, Filipino and Japanese 
descendants, show a decrease in breast cancer risk associated with a high 
intake of isoflavones.  Isoflavones are properties found in soybeans that 
have been shown to enhance health effects. 

Dr. Anna Wu of the University of Southern California, author of the Asian 
study, is expected to complete her work in two years.  The Journal said that 
"studies generally support the conclusion that soy reduces the risk of 
breast, prostate and endometrial cancers." 

(Foods for the Future provides factual information to the media concerning 
food products, health and nutrition.  It is a project of the T. Dean Reed 
Company and is supported by U.S. agribusiness.)  

SOURCE  Foods for the Future   

CO:  Foods for the Future; American Institute for Cancer Research 

ST:  District of Columbia 



10/22/1999 13:47 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com 
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