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No Subject

The following hematologists were listed in American Health Magazine some
months back as the top USA hem/onc docs that other docs would use for
themselves or family members. Maybe there is one listed in a city near
you. I hope this information is helpful to you.


Richard T. Silver NY-Cornell
Ed Amorosi NYU
James Armitage Nebraska
Bart Barlogie Ark
William Bell Hopkins
Karl Blume Stanford
Geo. P. Canellos Dana-Farber
James Crowley Rhode Island
Vincent T. DeVita, Jr. Yale
Richard Fisher Loyola
Stephan Forman City of Hope
Geoffrey Herzig Roswell Park
Michael Keating UT Anderson
Robert J. Mayer Dana-Farber
C. Julian Rosenthal LICH
Charles Schiffer U. of Mich
Peter Wiernik Einstein-Montefiore
Karen Antman Columbia-Pres.
John H. Glick U of Penn
Sandra J. Horning Stanford
David Johnson Vanderbuilt
Nancy Kemeny Sloan-Kettering
Robert B. Livingston Washington
John Macdowald Temple
Anne Moore NY-Cornell
Larry Norton Sloan-Kettering
C. Kent Osborne UT San Antonio
Robert Ozols Fox Chase
Derek Raghavan Roswell Park
Saul Rosenberg Stanford
Howard Scher Sloan-Kettering
James L. Speyer NYU
Everett Vokes Chicago
Robert Young Fox Chase

Warmly, lillian
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