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Re: [MOL] Lillian - more info needed/Reply

Hi Lillian.  Hard to say how my Dad is just now.  He seems to be more 
comfortable as he enjoyed his summer break from chemo (and his hair is back) 
but now he is in the 3rd week of radiation.  He is very fatigued again and 
Virginia says he goes to bed by 6 PM and groans alot in his sleep. His doctor 
will be giving him thalidomide soon along with the radiation.  I know so 
little about that; almost seems like it's a clinical trial or some type of 
experiment. I suspect it's not a very successful one though; my hope is that 
combined with the radiation it will *finally* get *rid* of this damned 
cancer!  Prayers and information would be appreciated.  I did numerous 
searches for thalidomide, but I think I am too paniced to think rationally 
now and just don't seem to find much info that makes sense to me.  Take care, 

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