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[MOL] Health food

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CONTCT: Soppia Sung

To :mol-cancer
 How are you?
 We are sorry for bothering you.  If you don't want to read , Just remove.

 Are you looking for the products which are really good for your 
 You will be interested to hear that we have handled Ashitaba
(Angelica) tea, Ashitaba(Angelica) candy, Green meal,Shalomi cosmetic, 
Ashitaba(Angelica) soap and so on.
 Have you ever heard about Ashitaba?
 First, it is a blood chlorophyll of plant which is essential material 
which is absolutely essential to our body.
 Second, Organic germanium is plentiful.
 Third, it is the treasure of each vitamins, exist affluently and 
vitamin C, etc.
 Forth,  Inorganic material , is apt to produce in case of an unbalance 
diet, overdose and a grave illness.
 Fifth,  it is flovonoid compound which is effective to blood pressure 
control and anti-inflammation function.
 We are health products maker with Ashitaba(Angelica) in Korea 
searching companies that health products are needed. 
 We are very proud of our products which are made of Ashitaba(Angelica) 
as well as have treated lots of health products in Korea for long time.
 Now we have a desire to export these good health products.
 The name of our company is SHALOM INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. as one of 
leading health products business .
 Should you have any question or inquiry, Please do not hesitate to 
contact us.
 Wish to have a good business relationship with you in the coming future.

 We should appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently we 
can serve you.

 If you want to have more detailed information about our company, 
 please visit our homepage. 

Best Regards,
Soppia Sung/International Marketing Representative
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