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Re: [MOL] is this possible?

I just received a phone call from my Mom........ her oncologist called her
a very short time ago with the results of her cat scan.... she was told
that all signs of the cancer are completely gone! I ain't complaining...but
is this really possible? She said that she would have radiation treatment
as a preventative measure....Dang it sure was good to hear her
happy.......I can't explain it. My Dad she says is beside himself :-)

I asked her a few questions about the things she has told me in the past
about her physical restrictions since the chemo ability to
concentrate..she said she still can't read but says she feels that is
getting better. I asked about her ability to walk as well as the joint
problem...she said that her leg is getting better and that she has once
again started her needle crafts...crochet  and needle point.
I am actually beside I dare believe this? I don't really
know if I should believe this or not..what a roller coaster.
Comments please


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