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Re: [MOL] Hey Little Frogie!

At 07:42 PM 10/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Well kiddo you got me and I am ROFLOL!  Red eyed tree frogs huh?  I am happy
>you have a fighting family and it does sound like their will be a match for
>your sister.  So you have done my heart good.  Are you familiar with
>Logerhead Turtles?  We are a breeding ground for them, 
well I am glad you are ROFLOL...I have been blessed with the  abilty to
make some of us really helps. I have also bred toxic frogs from
China...leopard gecko's from Madagasgar....russian salamanders...Spanish
newts... as well as a few different species of aquatic turtles...and as I
posted earlier I have also successfully bred two children ...Bwahahahahaha
hahahaha ha. On other listserves I have a style of writing that I probably
will not use here..this is way to serious and I don't wanna offend any one.
As far as the Logger heads go......yes eye am familiar with them.....did
you wanna know how to sex them or are you more interested in T.S.D.
(Temperature Sex Determination)for incubating the eggs? Where are you
located anyway. 

Thanks for making me feel welcome :-)

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TortoiseAid International
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