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Re: [MOL] red-eye's intro/Welcome to our Forum=Attn. Kathy Q. and Brandi too..

At 02:59 PM 10/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Red-eye's!  Slow down the tear's so you will be able to read our
>messages.  First lets talk about your sister.  One of our Molers Kathy is
>familiar with this type of cancer and so is our Brandi.  Both will give you
>some excellent advice regarding this and you will really like them.  Just
>give them the time to respond okay?
Ahhh...please don't confuse my moniker with my current situation..... when
I picked that name I was breeding "red-eyed tree frogs"

Both mother & sister are one is even
thinkin of giving up.....we will fight..and continue to do so

My Sister just sent out a note to the family..we all nee to hve blood seems the bone marrow transplant is a must..she is lucky to have
5 brothers...she says odds are there will be a match.
She is acutely aware of dietary needs and is starting to modify her4
American diet.
I will post moere as I learn more. I am fortunate to know about list serves I know that many of you will answer as your own personal time
allows...I am patient :-)

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TortoiseAid International
Wild Caught?  I think NOT!

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