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RE: [MOL] red-eye's intro

Hello All,
Just wanrted to say hi...I got on this list late last evening. My reason
for doing so is unfortunatly multi purpose :-(

My Mom who just turned 73 is currently at what I beleive to be at the final
stage of her cancer. It was discovered in is mistaic (sp)...and
she has been through chemo treatment...nine hours at a time. The treatment
has been stopped as it was having a negative impact on her blood count and
her mobility. She has always been a reader and says that now because of the
chemo treatment she can no longer concentrate. She is to reveive results
from her oncologist today on a full cat scan... 

If that weren't enough my lil sister (almost 43) was just diagnoised with
Acute Myelocytic Leukemia (AML) on this past Monday. Yet she has already
had a transfusion so she must have known a little sooner than she is
letting on. If I have it correctly her count was down to 3....and the Doc
was hoping to elevate it to possibly a 6 after a 10 hr, 3 pint went to 12 :-)
She currently is scheduled to go into the hospital next week. To receive
chemo for a week, with actual treatments every 4 hr...24 hrs a day. 

To say that I am devasted would be an understatement...I am here to learn
what I can as I beleive that being knowledgeable gives us some power. 

I am quite active on the I do have a passion for reptiles..mostly
turtles. Beoing a native New yorker who lives in California I have made it
a habit to not use my "real" name...I go by red-eye. I tell you this so
that when I forget to remove my will at least know who it was
that posted a msg here. As long as I am at it ...I have 4 brothers.a
terriffic wife who I am grateful to (going on 20 years of marriage..same
woman <g>)..and am a father of daughter is 8 and my son 12...I work
in the construction industry and currently build large concrete tilt up
building...mostly industrial with an ocassional supermarket.

Well now you know who I am and why I am here. I am glad to have found this
resource. I hope you all have a good day :-)

Assistant Director
TortoiseAid International
Wild Caught?  I think NOT!

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Keeper of the "Herp Phile" <>
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed...

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