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[MOL] Cancer

I was diagnosed a year ago with colon cancer which at that time had already 
metastasized to my liver.  I had an anterior resection of the colon to remove 
the origin of the cancer.  Since then I have been treated with 5FU/Leukovoran 
with no positive effects.  I then received two treatments of 
CPT-11(Camptosar) before undergoing radiofrequency ablation.  Initially this 
treatment looked as though it might have destroyed the lesions in my liver 
although my blood CEA level continued to elevate.  It was recently discovered 
that the cancer has now spread to my right lung.  I am now back on CPT-11.  I 
am waiting for a clinical trial of a Ras Inhibitor in a few months which my 
oncologist thinks might be my best bet. My questions to you are these:
1. Have any of you heard of Ras Inhibitors? ( this one is made by Scherring 
2. If so, what is it, how is it administered, how is it supposed to work?
3.  If any of you have a diagnosis similar to mine, what has worked for?
Thank you for your consideration.  
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